Monday, February 1, 2010

Mixed Media Technique: Altered Ribbon

Yesterday, my husband and I took off for an adventure on our Gator, which we normally keep at our mountain place. Overnight, the snow had been coated with an icy glaze. You did not even need boots, because you could step right on top of the snow. This picture is when we got back, and I was feeling a little like a frozen Popsicle!

The deep blue skies and the sparkling snow kept me busy taking lots of photos. This is our house from the end of our driveway.

There were no cars on the roads, although we saw one guy giving his kid a ride behind his jeep in some sort of sturdy plastic crate. Well, we don't have sleds or skis around here.
It would have been perfect for cross-country skiing yesterday. We saw about four people who owned snow shovels and were clearing their driveways.

There are many new roads in unfinished neighborhoods around here, perfect for riding in the Gator. I was wishing for my sunglasses when we got to Forgotten Pond in Heritage. What a glare!

When we got back and my fingers thawed out, I turned to the next technique in my book, Fabric Art Collage- 40+ Mixed Media Techniques, by Rebekah Meier: The technique of the day was Altered Ribbons. Here are the samples in my Mixed Media journal. I love filling these pages!

I actually had never heard of Altered Ribbons. Ribbons are already pretty, shimmery, slinky, right? How about adhering tissue with Misty Fuse, and stamping with inks? The two below are white satin ribbon with tissue paper and stamps.

The sheer fabrics have a different look when you add Angelina, painted dryer sheets, flower petals...

Here is some white satin stamped with two colors of ink.

On this pink sheer ribbon, I added white dryer sheet that is painted with abstract brush strokes.

I hung some of the sheer ribbons in the window with the morning sun behind them. Check out the one with feathers attached!

Sheer polyester striped ribbon with stenciled dryer sheet on the left and tissue/rubber stamps on the right.

You can take these and add embroidery and beads if you want a super-special piece of ribbon in your creation.


Beena said...

Your snow adventures, and altered ribbons sound like they made for quite a great and fun day!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

The altered ribbons look like such fun. What will you do with them?

Unknown said...

I love this ribbon idea!