Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Girl Quilt

I interrupted my art quilt "flower gardening" yesterday to quilt a lovely baby quilt for my friend Carolyn. It is one of my favorite patterns, Yellow Brick Road. The fabrics are soft pinks, creams, tans, and browns. It seems many new moms are choosing more non-traditional palettes for little girl's nurseries these days.

Since Yellow Brick Road is such a linear design, I like to soften it with curvy quilting, and for a baby girl, I went all out with free-motion feathers, flowers, curls, and a little heart here and there.

These fabrics all have a lovely, silky "hand" or feel. They are from our local quilt shop, Quilts Like Crazy. I can't tell you how lovely they were to quilt, especially after dealing with some of the tough, non-traditional fabrics in the
Blazing Stars quilt project I recently finished.

Today is going to be so windy. We have turned over the rocking chairs on the front porch and already retrieved the flag that flew off our house and was working its way toward the woods. I hope the power does not go off!


Vicki W said...

Cute quilting! Yes, I hope you do not lose power too!

Angie said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun quilting this one! Love the swirly flower design! Nice!

Judy S. said...

This is one of my favorite quilt patterns also. Love the colors in this one!