Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update on Narrative Quilt

I got the okay from Teacher for yesterday's class project, although she suggested I lighten the turbine housing on top of the dam, and move the little boy figure farther back. Like so:

The part that I thought needed help, the water, she liked! So, a very easy fix.

So easy, I took a day off from this class and any customer/charity quilts today to work on a UFO. I took a class from Karen Eckmeier last fall on making Layered Waves. I decided to try to make the fabric I constructed in class into a sweatshirt jacket to wear to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival tomorrow.

Alas, I should have started this sooner. It takes a good bit of yardage to cover a large sweatshirt, and I had not made as much as I remembered. On the bright side, I did actually locate the project AND the book. I still have to do some more piecing before I can attach it to the sweatshirt and quilt it. Maybe if I have energy during the weekend I can work on this some more.

Meantime, I have several requests to visit people's quits at the show, and hope to run into some other folks while we are there. I will be leaving home at 5:45 AM and getting home late. But I am so glad it did not snow! We got only a few flakes here, and I don't think the snow will be a problem between here and Hampton, VA.

Will report back after the show!


Anonymous said...

This is looking great! The water is perfect!

Judy S. said...

Like your class project a lot, Jeanne. Nice waves, too!