Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Happy Easter!

We had a very enjoyable Easter with our family this year.  After church and brunch with family on Sunday, we brought our two grandsons to the mountains with us for their Spring Break.  They have been enjoying a lot of fishing and Gator rides.

Here are some Bible journaling pages that I made for the Easter season.


Dark Skies Angel

Sell Art Online

I uploaded another angel painting today to Fine Art America.  I call this one "Dark Skies Angel."  As with all my Angel Art, I am donating all of my artist profits from the sale of this artwork to the American Cancer Society.  Did you know you can order the artwork from that site as everything from phone cases to duvet covers?  

This radiant angel represents hope and light in a time of darkness.  

May all your days be filled with hope and light!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Good Feedback on Fine Art America Products

In my last post, I mentioned that I had submitted four of my angel paintings to sell on the Fine Art America site.  Any profits sent to me will be donated to the American Cancer Society.  So far, I have sold a metallic print, a framed print, two shower curtains, and four greeting cards!  I found out that the two prints arrived in less than a week, with great packaging.  The backing and hanging systems look sturdy.

This one is a metallic print.  The buyer kindly provided photographs of the product and its packaging.

Looks like some foam padding in addition to the sturdy cardboard.

The metal print has a wooden frame and hanger on the back which looks like it is well-made.

Someone else sent me pictures of a matted and framed print.  She loved it.  The frame is metal, and everything arrived in good shape, ready to hang.

I have also sold the original painting of Ice Blue Angel to a friend of mine from high school.  Her check goes right to the American Cancer Society.  With that, some other angel art I have sold, and the Mina Project money from Hope Community Church, I was able to send $110.00 to the American Cancer Society last week.  Hope Church gave out envelopes with varying amounts of cash at a Sunday service last year.  Charlie and I both got twenty dollars.  We were to go out and try to multiply the money to meet any need of the community.  I was going to use the forty dollars for the printing, blank stationery, and clear envelopes I have purchased to sell my work outside of FAA.  But, then I decided to donate the forty dollars, too.  I was late getting going on my Mina Project, but hopefully there will be a continuing stream of funding through future sales.

I am excited to see how the Ice Blue Angel shower curtains turn out!

I have been working on some new angels to add to my "gallery" in the near future.