Thursday, April 13, 2017

Good Feedback on Fine Art America Products

In my last post, I mentioned that I had submitted four of my angel paintings to sell on the Fine Art America site.  Any profits sent to me will be donated to the American Cancer Society.  So far, I have sold a metallic print, a framed print, two shower curtains, and four greeting cards!  I found out that the two prints arrived in less than a week, with great packaging.  The backing and hanging systems look sturdy.

This one is a metallic print.  The buyer kindly provided photographs of the product and its packaging.

Looks like some foam padding in addition to the sturdy cardboard.

The metal print has a wooden frame and hanger on the back which looks like it is well-made.

Someone else sent me pictures of a matted and framed print.  She loved it.  The frame is metal, and everything arrived in good shape, ready to hang.

I have also sold the original painting of Ice Blue Angel to a friend of mine from high school.  Her check goes right to the American Cancer Society.  With that, some other angel art I have sold, and the Mina Project money from Hope Community Church, I was able to send $110.00 to the American Cancer Society last week.  Hope Church gave out envelopes with varying amounts of cash at a Sunday service last year.  Charlie and I both got twenty dollars.  We were to go out and try to multiply the money to meet any need of the community.  I was going to use the forty dollars for the printing, blank stationery, and clear envelopes I have purchased to sell my work outside of FAA.  But, then I decided to donate the forty dollars, too.  I was late getting going on my Mina Project, but hopefully there will be a continuing stream of funding through future sales.

I am excited to see how the Ice Blue Angel shower curtains turn out!

I have been working on some new angels to add to my "gallery" in the near future.

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