Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blue Sky, White Snow, and lots of Color

It continued to snow on into the night yesterday, and we woke to a beautiful sunny day with mounds of sparkling crystalline snow. That is the view from my front door, which is as far as I have ventured out so far. It is so gorgeous that I think we will have to go out and take pictures today.

Here is some lace, rickrack, and paper that I painted with Setacolor paints. I did three colors, and put all the items to be painted on watercolor paper. Then I just did a wash over the watercolor paper.

This is the page in my mixed-media journal featuring the altered lace.

I found yet another old watercolor pad with a painting inside. I don't recall doing this, but must have been into painting things around the house like this candle and floral ring. I arranged some of the laces and some artificial flowers around it. Hmm, this rather boring old painting might have a new future as collage...

I also worked on my Pamela Allen class yesterday. The bold, bright colors of the Matisse really appealed to me during the snowstorm, so I based my work on that painting.

Here is a rough study in fabric. We were to spend no more than thirty minutes on this, but were to try to find fabrics in colors similar to the original. I was delighted to find this red-orange oriental fabric with curvy motifs similar to the scroll work in the original.

Then I used the same fabrics to do a very abstract arrangement.

Following that exercise, I put together a composition that I am very excited about. Pamela said it was excellent, and today I will start stitching. I think I will keep it secret until it is complete, because it could become a surprise gift.

Tomorrow was supposed to be our Anything Art Bee meeting, but it has been cancelled due to the snow and ice. It was going to be at Mary's house, which is at least fifteen miles north of mine, and her neighborhood is iced in. So, I guess I will be trying to finish quilting the first of the "heritage" quilts. I can't do too much of this per day, because the close work of micro-stippling the backgrounds is very fatiguing. I can't wait to show the finished product!



Oh I love the colors! Good to view some lovliness, a break from our dreary brown winter.

superminx said...

Hi, I'm running an art challenge called 'in the style of me' (, which is for people doing their own versions of famous artworks. I'd love it if you would join in.