Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pete Turner Artwork

I don't think I have shown you any of my father's artwork lately. He is retired commercial and fine artist Pete Turner, formerly of New York and Cary, NC. Here is the watercolor Valentine he sent me last year. Everyone else at the retirement center spent the craft afternoon making pop-up Valentines with double-stick tape and craft foam I got this beautiful watercolor painting of my house, which pops up from the painted background. (I showed this last year.)

I decided to get this framed for a Christmas gift for my husband. I removed the hearts. In order to keep the "pop-up," I had the card framed with three layers of mats separated by spacers. The top two mats look and feel like suede. The frame has a metallic gleam.

I love the way this turned out!

This picture has a flash reflection in the glass, but it shows the mats and frame better.

My father has a long tradition of sending eagerly anticipated homemade Christmas cards. This year's was very different than his usual pen-and-ink drawings, but I love it. Should have put this in the scanner instead of just photographed it, because it is not lying exactly flat. I will have to get this framed soon. It will be perfect in our cabin! Dad has colored copies of his photos made at Staples, then inserts them in these nice watercolor card blanks from Cheap Joe's, which is right in Boone where he now lives.

Okay, I have done my Wii exercise for the day...I am loving this! It keeps up with your weight, calories burned, and gives you scores on your performances on all the exercises. I have lost six pounds since New Year's. According to Wii, I should lose about 24 more, but that would put me at a weight I haven't seen since the seventies. Not going to happen! I'll be very happy to lose ten more pounds.

Back to the salt, the long-arm machine, to "rassle" that big old quilt again!


Judy S. said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing your dad's beautiful work.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

It is a beautiful watercolor and looks fabulous framed. Such a keepsake.

Angie said...

Thank you for sharing your fathers beautiful art work with us. It looks wonderful framed. How nice that he does this, and also that you appreciate it art so much. Sadly some children don't. I hope you post more of his paintings in the future.

Jocelyn said...

Beautiful artwork. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

what a beautiful watercolor......It looks great framed and how special that your dad made that for you....You are doing so good on the WII! I battle along...I will tell you that the weight it says for me is wayyyyyy tooo low......We all have noticed that. I would be that is going to happen since I am a foodaholic!