Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nothing Quilty

Have returned from my trip to South Carolina, having got my grandmother "fix."

Got the kids new bicycles and helmets for late Christmas presents. Here is Lily, mastering a two-wheeler with training wheels. Within minutes my little daredevil was doing "No Hands" and "No Legs".

My son still had the remnants of the Halloween pumpkins on the front porch, so while he was at work, I recruited the kids to help haul them off in the baby Gator.

This required me to distract my Dalmation GrandDog, Sparky, by throwing the filthy, slobbery, nasty ball across the yard so they could drive through the gate. Then we had lots of fun chunking pumpkin parts over the back fence into the woods.

It was fun seeing all the new things from Christmas. I got these PJ's for Avery. The big polar bear on the shirt is nice soft fleece.

Lily wore this red and green outfit at the Christmas play at the pre-school/Kindergarten she and Avery attend. Wish they lived closer so I could see these events. Notice the Christmas tree has no ornaments below Lily's reach? She calls all the ornaments "Christmas bells" and thinks they are toys for her to play with. When I got there, she brought me all the ornaments she had removed, all her new toys, and when she ran out of things to show me, she brought me a pack of bologna from the refrigerator. So excited!

I have had a nice break from sewing and quilting with all the family trips and Christmas/New Year's visits. Yesterday I started a fun little project on the long-arm and jammed my motor, which was not the intended result. Looks like a visit from a sewing machine repairman is in order if DSH cannot wave his magic wand and fix it. I think the bobbin hook assembly has to come out to remove the silk ribbon that got wound around it. Hope it is not all bent out of shape. Follow-up later! Wish me luck.

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Michelle said...

welcome home! hope you get your machine fixed easily. yikes! stay warm!!!