Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mixed Media techniques, Part 2

I have been putting some of my mixed media technique samples onto my painted card stock pages to make a journal. This is way too much fun! The backgrounds are painted with acrylics, stamped, coated with clear gel medium, the samples attached, and then I have added some deconstructed plastic flowers, added details with copper leaf pen, just whatever I feel like.

So far I like the backgrounds better than the samples!

The right edges are cut at different widths and shapes so they will peek out behind each other in the journal.

The page numbers refer to the page in Fabric Art Collage- 40+ Mixed Media Techniques, by Rebekah Meier.

I also decided to try Sue Bleiweiss's instructions for painted batting in the Technique of the Month at Three Creative Studios. This batting piece is painted with three colors of Lumiere paint, and I am waiting for it to dry.
This piece of batting has both copper and gold foil applied, and then was painted with both gold and copper Lumiere metallic paint. Sue's example had black batting, black Misty Fuse, copper foil, and silver paint, but I used what I had. Waiting for this piece of batting to dry, too. You can find the instructions for the painted batting here.

We had a wonderful weekend with our family. Saturday, the weather was very nice and warm. I took the kids to a new park in Wake Forest that has an old family cabin, barn, and chicken coop to explore, and lots of trails and grass. Love having my "babies" here, even for a short time.

Charlie and I were blown away by the movie Avatar in 3-D on the giant IMAX screen. I found myself ducking out of the way of falling trees. It looked like the little puffy seeds were floating on the heads of the people in front of us. Very cool graphics and gorgeous woodland settings.


Cathie said...
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Cathie said...

Jeanne - you should be a kindergarten teacher so you can paint and play all day! How FUN all these experiments look.
I just made my reservations for the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival. Are you going?

January 19, 2010 2:25 PM