Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally, Some Snow

This was my side yard yesterday morning in the bright sunshine.

And here it is this morning! (Photographed through the porch screen)

Yesterday evening the flakes started falling.

This morning the birds were lined up at the feeders that I just filled to the top. I love to see the cardinals against the snow. They were in motion in this picture!

The thistle seed feeder is not usually as popular except with the finches, but it is attracting plenty of visitors this morning!

Everything is so quiet and peaceful. The world seems to stop around here when it snows. Of course, no one has snow tires or snow blowers, and the cities have very few plows. We just stay in and enjoy the pretty views. And hope power will not go off today as the snow turns to sleet and freezing rain.

I will be working on my Pamela Allen class lessons shortly. I got started last night with my color studies.
I also have painted some lace, rick-rack, and papers in some luscious colors that I will show next time.
Have a peaceful weekend!


Unknown said...

wow, you got some way out there? we got a foot....uggghh

Beena said...

I lived in Charlotte for 3 years, and very rarely saw snow there. But when it did, everything used to shut down! Keep warm, and keep it quilty!