Friday, January 15, 2010

Mixed Media techniques

As I was importing pictures into this blog post, I discovered that my DH has erased all the photos on my SD disk, and replaced them with a PowerPoint presentation for his upcoming series of financial seminars. WAHHH! Obviously, he thought he was saving to a USB thumb drive. Since he is usually my White Knight of mechanical and technical issues, we will let this slide.

Most of the photos had already been saved to the computer, but not the videos of the grandchildren. I have now renamed my SD card so it will be identified as such on the My Computer list of places. Before, it just said "Removable Disk G:".

I have decided to work my way through all the techniques in my Christmas gift book, Fabric Art Collage- 40+ Mixed Media Techniques, by Rebekah Meier. Even if I already have done the technique. I will make a journal with samples of all the techniques. So, yesterday I painted a bit of fabric and batting.

Stenciled fabric (on an upholstery cloth sample)

Painted muslin rubber-stamped with Lumiere metallic paint (and a little ink)

Stiff batting dry-brushed, stenciled and stamped with acrylic paint

Leftover paint applied to used dryer sheet: (Not in the book but I hate to waste paint!)

I painted some card stock to use as journal page backgrounds, but those photos were lost on the SD card.

I am excited that our whole family will be together this weekend. The boys are going to an N.C. State basketball game and a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game. Charlie and I will be doting babysitters to the grandchildren. There are two meals out and a hot tub experience in the plans for the weekend. Then, Charlie is off on Monday, and we are going to the IMAX theater in downtown Raleigh to see Avatar.

Life is good!


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Great way to experiment. I love the results.
Look forwarding to seeing more.

Vicki W said...

Well, you are going to be well prepared for the Technique of the Month challenge that's being announced tomorrow! You will have an entry done early!