Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pretty Floral Quilt

Here is the triple-Irish-chain quilt that I finished quilting yesterday.  Mr. Quilty installed new switches for power and light on my Gammill, and also replaced a blown fuse.  (How did he even know to do that?  I never knew there was a fuse under that black rubber circle in the back of the machine, and certainly did not know it was blown.)  After that, it was smooth sailing.

The browns, blues, and neutrals make this a very serene and pleasing color palette.  In the center of each "chained" area is a single floral print.  Jean just wanted an edge-to-edge with leaves, flowers, and vines.  I decided to highlight each of these large flowers by outlining and quilting in details.  Each was surrounded by a curly swirl in the light background, and a leafy garland in the first set of surrounding blocks.  This was done without any stops and starts.

In the large areas of patchwork, I just did free-motion flowers, leaves, and swirls.

The outer border is a blue floral print.

 The back fabric is a lovely coordinating flannel with light blue flowers on a brown background.

Here is the quilt, looking mighty fine on my kitchen table!

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