Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nice Surprise...Two State Fair Ribbons!

We went to our cabin in the North Carolina mountains again this weekend.  Beautiful weather and beautiful foliage, although it was a bit colder this time.  Our son Bryson and two little grandkids were with us- so much fun.

Tonight I was going through all the e-mail that had piled up since Friday, since we do not have Internet up there.  I got some good news from my friend Donna Sontag that she spotted ribbons hanging on both of my N.C. State Fair entries!

Japanese Garden won a blue ribbon in the Other Techniques category.  It is a quilted, painted, and beaded wholecloth quilt made from a piece of Oriental-looking batik.

 I think this is the first time that one of my State Fair quilts has been hung up on the wall surrounding the quilt exhibits.  Here is Japanese Garden in a better picture, and you can read my post about it here.

The other quilt I entered was the recently revised Maggy Trees a Coon.  It appears to be hanging sideways in this display.  Now why would they do that?  Anyway, it got a third place ribbon in Wall Hangings.

 Here it is, right-side up, for those who have not seen it before.  The night before I turned it in at the fair, I decided to paint the tree trunks, branches, and foliage that I had quilted in the background.  I think that made a big difference. You can read about this quilt here and here.

Donna also got recognition at the fair for her entries.  She did not enter any quilts, but got a blue ribbon on a hand-knitted sweater, and a second place for this beautiful Christening gown that she made for her granddaughter.

I have some great mountain photos to share, as well as some pretty customer quilts, which I will get to next time.


Unknown said...

yah, congrats to cool...i'm frustrated at the moment with a quilt not lining up....yours looks great

Unknown said...

fairs are so much fun. I love seeing all the exhibits! Why was your quilt sideways????that is strange....
Congratulations on your ribbons.....

Vicki W said...


DeepTread said...

Hi, Jeanne.

Alice and I are enjoying some time at the beach and decided to check in with you via blog. We are really impressed with your quilts. They are like beautifully constructed paintings. Alice loves the one with Maggie and the raccoon. I really like the ones with the blue ribbons.

I hope the mountains are as nice as the beach. Have fun.