Friday, October 29, 2010

Doodlicious Daybook- 21 Secrets Journaling Class

When you create a journal out of brown bags, leftover wrapping paper, old calendars, and manila cardstock, it immediately removes the "preciousness" and fear of the blank page. 

If you have a four-year-old who can contribute shapeless globs of paint, you are good to go!  I immediately saw ghosts and a pumpkin .

When I posted the above picture on the 21 Secrets workshop page, Tracie Hanson of Doodlicious Daybook pointed out the pink snaggle-toothed monster lurking on the page.  Then I was off and running!

The page on the right is from an old Quilting Arts catalog.  Perfect to set the mood!  I added this cute little comic of a wiener dog wearing his hot dog costume for Halloween.

I hope you and yours have a fun, safe, and happy Halloween!

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Unknown said...

I love that you did it with your is so fun and it made a great journal page.