Sunday, October 31, 2010

Light and Shadows

It was a gorgeous, sunny, somewhat chilly mountain weekend in Ashe County, North Carolina.  All of my zinnias had turned to brown stalks during the two weeks since our last trip.  Many of the trees have lost their foliage, except for the oaks. You can see on this shot of the hillside that most of the trees are brown, bronze, or dark red if they still have their leaves. Not much golden yellow is left at the high elevations.

 I enjoy roving with the camera in the late fall afternoons, and catching the long shadows and golden rays of light as the mountain casts its shadow.  Here is the sun just reaching the bend in our driveway.

The sun only reaches half of the creek and the side not blocked by the mountain.

This is the back path that leads from our cabin down to the creek.  Nice long shadows.

This old barn is across the street from our place.  It belonged to my brother-in-law's grandfather.  A very interesting photo with the afternoon sun hitting the old boards, but I would not want to set foot inside of it, or be anywhere near it on a windy day.

There are still a few flowers to be seen if you look hard. These asters were right at the edge of the creek.   I even saw a few butterflies flitting around.

But, let's face it, summer is over and the fall is fading fast.  But last week, we had temps in the high eighties.  This rhododendron appears is covered with flower buds!

When I got up on Saturday morning, it was twenty-seven degrees F.  They are predicting snow for next weekend!  As hunting season gears up and the weather turns cold, I will be staying home.  But I may go up one more time next weekend...just to see it snow!

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