Saturday, October 23, 2010

Backyard Visitors

We looked outside and saw this cute little fawn in our backyard on Thursday afternoon.

When Charlie grabbed the camera to take her picture, I noticed its twin was in the second liriope patch.

They were so cute.  This part of our yard is sort of a natural area that merges into the woods behind us.  We don't really see the deer very often, but I guess these two don't have a mama any more and were not shy about leaving the woods. 

They can eat all the liriope they want, but they are going to be in trouble if they start munching the azaleas and camellias back there!

It's a beautiful, sunny fall day here in North Carolina.   Happy Weekend!

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Unknown said...

ut oh, I hope those cuties stay away from the azelas......they'll be in trouble if not