Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doodlicious Daybook- 21 Secrets Journaling Class

What a beautiful day!  I treated myself to an hour-and-a-half walk on the greenway near my house.  Since it was such a gorgeous autumn weekend and we were not in the mountains to enjoy it, this walk along the creeks, woods, and wetlands was a great substitute.

After that, I took a set of watercolor paints outside and used a fall palette to paint some background papers.  Then I stitched some of these to other painted and assorted papers, from calendars, magazines, and scrapbook papers.  I assembled these with loose-leaf notebook rings into a "Doodlicious Daybook" or journal.  It is fat and funky!

When we had the grandkids in the mountains last weekend, Lily and I did some painting outside on brown Kraft paper and card stock.  She produced the pink page by smearing her hands all over a glob of paint.

I used a technique from the online workshop 21 Secrets, which is a series of videos and instructional pages by some of the top names in journaling and mixed media.  This one was called The Doodlicious Daybook with Tracie Hanson.  You are supposed to paint really large doodles on mural-size paper.  I just used the brown paper left over from wrapping paper rolls.  Then you cut up the big sheets to create journal pages.

On this page, a part of a big doodle is on the left, and a failed painting on the right.  This is a great way to use paintings that you don't like, but wouldn't mind journaling or collaging on top of.

I didn't realize I had so many paintings I could use for this purpose! 

One of today's painted backgrounds is on the left, and a NC Wildlife magazine cover is on the right, with the delightful zebra duct tape.

Painted doodle on the left, watercolor on the right. I used those cheap acrylic paints like Folk Art from Michael's for the doodles.  I buy them when they are on sale for like 69 cents apiece. 

This is one I did today...can you tell how happy this beautiful fall weather has made me?

India ink doodle on watercolor on left, big doodle on right

Doodle on left, pocket made from scrapbook paper on right to hold bookmark

Well, you get the idea.  This is going to be so much fun to fill with journaling.

I hope your weekend was fun!


Elizabeth said...

I sense pure joy in every page!!! I am so longing to let myself do this!! You ahve inspired me !! Thank you thank you!!!!

Tracie said...

What a beautiful book! I love seeing what you've done with your doodle pages and even using parts of paintings you weren't satisfied with....and sharing it with your granddaughter must've been so much fun. Thank you for sharing your work-it's gorgeous.

Sharon P Pope said...

I love your pages, especially the one with the little rabbit heads. You gave me some great ideas too. I have a whole stack of unfinished watercolor paintings that I didn't think of using! Wonderful doodlicious book. I can tell that you had as much fun with the workshop as I did. :)

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Thanks for sharing your pages, Jeanne. I really like the look of what you have done, especially the combination of the recycled paper and your artwork. I just watched the Doodlicious videos this morning, can't wait to get started!