Friday, October 22, 2010

Durham Orange Quilters' Guild Show

Today I spent the morning at the Durham-Orange Quilters' Guild Show at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham.  You know I love quilting if I arose at 6:00 AM to get to Durham!  I was one of the three members of the Carolina Longarm Association who were sent to award the CLA ribbon for Best Longarm Quilting at the show.

Here is the winning quilt, Celtic Garden, pieced by Mary Ed Williams and quilted by Suzan deSerres.

Here is the winning quilter, Suzan, who happens to be a member of CLA (names of quilters were not revealed until after the judging.)

And just look at the gorgeous ribbon.

It was an exhausting job to choose from more than 100 long-armed quilts to award just one ribbon!  Believe me, there were some gorgeous quilts on display.  The facility is part of a former tobacco manufacturing plant that has been lovingly converted to an amazing event area.  You can see the hardwood floors in the first picture.  There are open beams, balconies, exposed brick walls, skylights, and lots of other interesting architecture inside.  But the most amazing part of the tobacco campus is a man-made "river" that flows around the building, with waterfalls, cascades and fountains.  It is amazing and beautiful!  My camera is still in the repair shop, and DH's borrowed camera lost its charge after only about six pictures.  Maybe next time I can take some photos of this fabulous spot right next to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

Here are a few other pictures from the show.  I have a slight complaint about this show, mainly that the program only lists the award winners.  The individual entries are not identified or described in the program, although placards on each quilt contain the information and statements about the quilters.  The program says, "Thanks to all quilters who entered" and lists their names only.  So, sorry, but I can't tell you much about  these few pictures that I took before the camera battery died.

Atlantis, by Lindsey Alexander and Margaret Reiswig


Grandma Wickard's Iowa Schoolhouse

Shooting Stars, by Debbie Feulner and Linda W

Got to go, my company's here!  Big weekend ahead with our annual pig-picking

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