Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bento Box quilt

I have been diligently working on my Gammill quilting machine this week.  Here is a gorgeous quilt top by Joann Gilbert in the Bento Box pattern.

The black and gold are very striking.  Some of the fabrics feature metallic threads.  Since the border was black with a swirly gold print, I used swirly motifs for the quilting. 


The backing is a cozy flannel fern print in these amazing colors. 

I woke this morning to the strange sound of thunder.  Usually our Southern thunderstorms occur in afternoon and evenings.  It has been raining hard all morning.  A rather gloomy day!
The birds are quite active, however.  This mockingbird is sitting in my weeping cherry tree, which has already lost its leaves.

Tis the Season for the burning bush shrub to glow, even on a dark and dreary day.

The crepe myrtles are also turning a beautiful gold/coral combination.

I have a super-bright quilt on the frame, almost in seventies colors and themes.  Hope your day is happy!

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Unknown said...

the colors are very striking...I made a bento once and it still is one of the favorites that I have made.