Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Works-in-Progress: Yellow Brick Road blocks

I have actually been piecing some "normal" quilt blocks this week! I have done very little bed-type quiltmaking lately. In fact, looking back at my blog, I made a quilt top in April for new grand-nephew Christopher, which is still not quilted. Other than that, the last quilt was part of the nursery for great-niece Ragen back in January. And now, a new great-niece is expected any day...little Lacy! Anyway, I got out one of my favorite patterns, Yellow Brick Road, and started pulling fabrics for some small quilts.

Here are some of the first ones. I still have some Flower Market fabric from at least twelve years ago, some coordinated fat quarters of cats, checks, polka dots and stripes, and some beautiful hummingbird fabric I decided to finally cut up.

Yellow Brick Road produces three different blocks, all made from either 61/2" strips or 31/2" strips cut from fat quarters. The best thing is that you can twist and turn the blocks so that you don't have to match any seams except for the block seams.

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3
After I made these, I had a lot of strips left over, so I pulled some more fabric and made another set. The yellow fabric is a gardening theme, with tools like shovels and trowels. This one may become a Wheelchair quilt. The Capital Quilters Guild provides lap quilts for Senior Citizens in rest homes, and one of my groups (CyberBee) is coordinating that project this year.

I have made quite a few Yellow Brick Road quilts, and they all look different when finished. Here are a few of them.

Hunting Season: browns, greens, deer fabric

Hunting Season 2: browns, golds, greens, wildlife and mountain foliage

Summer Treasures: much like the one on the pattern, with addition of green fabrics. I used hummingbird and dragonfly prints

Cat Napping: lavenders, blues, yellows, with cat fabrics

Carolina Lily: reds, greens, pinks, with orphan blocks and a center medallion

I really like this pattern!

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