Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Symposium Report #7: Wearable Art

I was not able to attend the fashion show at Symposium, but I spent some time in the Wearable Art section of the quilt show. They really did not have room to showcase these lovely garments. Most of them were hanging from a rod and you had to ask someone to hold them up for you to view them. A few were on mannikens. Fellow Carolina Longarm member Neyla Bond was on duty in the garment area and held up many of these "Wearable Art" creations for me.
The Award winners for the garments were not included in the program for the quilt show, and the numbers/makers were not easy to read from the small tags attached. However, I will do my best to match the garments to the seamstresses. All descriptions are from the quilt show program.

Best of Show-Tribute to Hiroshige, Vicky Clontz. Vogue V7916 was used to make the woolfelt jacket with quilted cotton cuffs and lapel. A needlefelted scene is featured on the back. Inspired by an 1800's woodblock print by Japanese artist Hiroshige. Scene is done in wool fibers, silk yarn, silver rose studs with blooms snipped off to depict flying sea gulls. Original pin design.

Honorable Mention went to Roberta Morgan for "Black on White."
Jacket from Folkware Bolivian pattern, blouse and skirt Simplicity. The white wool felt close-fitted jacket has a black lace overlay embellished with hand embroidery stitches highlighted with beads and sequins. The black blouse is lace and taffeta. The black taffeta asymmetrical skirt has a ruffle embellished with black trim and beads. All of the lace was recycled from a nightgown found at Goodwill.

"Picking Daisies," by Peggy Forster. (Sorry, out of focus a bit.)
This jacket was pieced from a collection of black and white print fabrics. The daisies are machine appliqued with the stems done by hand. The flower centers and stems are beaded.

My personal favorite: in my colors and featuring my beloved hummingbirds! I think this one must be Birds of a Feather by DeLane Wyatt-Rosenau.
Swing Coat AB005 Akaska Clothing pattern used to make this coat. five individuals created one block for a "birds of a feather" themed round robin. These blocks were pieced with dupioni silk and cotton fabrics to create the fabric for the garment. Piecing, applique, thread painting, stamping, hot fix crystals, and hand beading are used.
I could not find a good description in the program for this coat. Does anyone know the maker?

Here is a vest I also could not identify.

This lovely oriental design is most probably Kimono Serene by Pat Thomas.

My best guess on this one is "Left-Overs" by Cindy Atkins. Vogue 8430 was used to make this jacket. It is a felted wool base with needle felted embellishments. Made from wools and yarns left over from ther projects. Embellishments include yarns and woolroving.

That's it for my Symposium reports, from purses to purchases to quilts and wearable art. It was a great experience!

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