Friday, June 12, 2009

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Continuing to be brave here and post more of my exercises from the Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain book and Workbook.

Here is my "From Memory" pre-instruction drawing of my oldest son. Sorry, Bry!

The last pre-instruction drawing is of a corner of a room. I was thinking that the foyer would be less complicated. Why didn't I move that chair with a myriad of wicker curlicues out of the way first? And I never realized there were so many lines in our crown and baseboard molding.

Next, some practice drawing lines in the styles of master artists, and then to experiment with our own marks, both fast and slow. I loved this exercise and it was easy for me.

Then, on to my next series of drawings.

After Schiele Seated Woman

After Picasso Portrait of Igor Stravinsky
After Anonymous-Frontal View of Horse

After Anonymous-Horse and Rider, German 16th century drawing.

The title designation "After" is used for a copied drawing. Did you notice anything unusual about my signatures on these drawings? All are upside down. Yes, all the drawings were copied upside down. The purpose is to allow the visual mode or right-side of the brain to take over. Doing these exercises is similar to using a grid to enlarge a drawing...but without the helpful grid.

I have also finished the contour drawing lesson, but will spare you from viewing the scribbles of the veins of my hand.

Today was my first day off from school. I have been fighting a chest cold since Tuesday, but am looking forward to some basking in the sun and relaxation over the next week! And perhaps inspiration for some new sunset quilts!

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