Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blissful Week

We returned home yesterday after a week at Sunset Beach, North Carolina. The McBrayer and Turner families rented four cottages this year. In our cottage we had Charlie's brother Richard and his wife and son, our son Bryson and his two little ones, and our son Dave and his wife Emily. The best part about our cottage is Location, Location, Location. It faces Madd Inlet and has views of the salt marsh, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and the ocean. It also has a large covered deck which was the scene of many family gatherings. Lots of fun, great meals, swimming, sunning, and visiting. I got to meet my niece Rachel's new baby Christopher. What a handsome little guy!

The owners of our cottage keep a large collection of well-weathered straw hats on hooks in the living room, and we have always celebrated "Hat Night" on the first Saturday of our arrival. Here are my DIL Emily and me in our chapeaus.

Granddaughter Lily did not want to wear a hat, but everyone else joined in the silliness, including her brother Avery.

We went out to eat almost every night, although Charlie steamed shrimp one night and we went to visit my uncle in Southport on the last night for grilled burgers. My grandkids were very nicely behaved at all of our outings, and I loved having them with us on vacation.

Lily's birthday was the day we arrived, so we got to celebrate with her as she turned three.

They both absolutely loved the beach, and it was hard to get them to ever come out of the water. A couple times, they both took naps under the beach umbrella when we made them come out for a little rest.

At low tide, the inlet by the cottage mostly dries out, and the kids loved watching the crabs and birds.

There are herons, egrets, and even some deer that inhabit the marsh area. It is a lot prettier at high tide.

I gave my Dad his Father's Day presents while we were there: a Moleskine sketchbook and a DVD movie I made from photographs of his trip in April to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park. I use Windows Movie Maker and set the photographs to music. On this one I used Ray Charles' America and several others, and this is a nice way for Dad to show off his digital pictures to his friends at the retirement community. We are so lucky that my dad is still healthy enough to travel and enjoy life at age 85. Happy Father's Day, Dad, if you are reading this! And to all you fathers out there, best wishes for a wonderful day!

We left yesterday, and of course had to wait for the one-lane swing drawbridge to open and close before exiting the island.
I didn't gave us more time to absorb the view of the waterway and memorize it until next year! They have made progress on the new high bridge, but it won't be ready for another couple years, I guess.

We LOVE Sunset Beach!

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What a perfect week!