Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Symposium Report #6: Quilt Show

More eye candy from the North Carolina Quilt Symposium show, held at Peace College the last weekend in May.

Wildflowers, by Deborah Whitehorne, Quilted by Neyla Bond, 79 x 104, Honorable Mention, Duet quilt

An amazing group quilt depicting Motherhood, 72 x 36, made by Delane Rosenau and Pandora's Bee.

Beautiful quilting on a large log cabin, Kuma no Ikaoi Basho, Made by Kinko Spencer, Quilted by Sarah Porreca, 83 x 83, 3rd place, Duet Quilts.

You know I love mountains! This is Great Smoky Mountains Memories, by Paulett Graham, 76 x 94.

A gorgeous applique quilt, Rose Sampler, Baltimore Album, 69 x 83, made by Carolyn M. Cesare.

This one was a show-stopper, but unfortunately was not hung in the gymasium with most of the quilts. It was on the wall at the end of a hallway.
Fatal Attraction, by Sandy Curran, 42 x 53, 1st place, Large Wall Hanging

Rotary Madness, detail, by Janet L. Hall, 87 x 71, Judge's Choice, Large Wall Hanging.

Some small wall hangings

Detail from Rushing River, by Lois Griffith, 22.25 x 25 (slightly out of focus, sorry!)

Some wall hangings at the show

My friend Jean Houghtby's Chocolate Bunnies, 52 x 54, Honorable Mention, Large Wall Hanging

Dressing for the Performance, Tina Schwager, 39 x 55.5, 3rd Place, Group quilt. This is one of those "slice" quilts with different people each completing a section of the quilt, which is based on a photograph.

I could not figure out which quilt this was, but it depicts a bride getting ready for the wedding.

A section of wall hangings, featuring two egret quilts side by side

Remember the autumn leaves collage I purchased at Collage Mania? Here is a quilt by the same artist. Yellowstone Falls, by Annette Rogers, 20 x 25.5

Next time I will post some of the beautiful garments from the Symposium quilt show.


heather said...

Beautiful! Thanks for posting.

Katie said...

The bride quilt is called Reflections. :-)