Sunday, November 16, 2014

Country Road Watercolor Painting

Here is my project from today's class with Tom Lynch at Art of the Carolinas in Raleigh, NC.

A Country Road, copyright Jeanne T. McBrayer

I like the back-lit trees, high color and contrast.  I think I might paint this one again and try to improve the shapes a little.  But this one was a good class with a great teacher.  He was very generous with his time and helped each one of us with his critiques while we were painting.

I bought Tom's book 150 Charts.  It is not sold in stores.  It was pricey, but has lots of helpful techniques, color studies, and how to paint particular items such as trees, water, rays of sunshine/shadow, and waterfall.  I know I will learn a lot from studying this book.  He had a gorgeous mountain creek and waterfall from another class at AOC this weekend.  I wish I had gotten into that class, but it was full.

Creek and Waterfall Painting from Art of Carolinas 2014, Tom Lynch

I have tried two watercolors featuring the waterfall over the dam at our mountain cabin.  I am going to try again one of these days, using some of Tom's hints on contrast and bright color.

Peak Creek Dam at Dogwood Time, copyright Jeanne T. McBrayer

Peak Creek Dam, Creekside View, copyright Jeanne T. McBrayer

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Baby Quilt: Almost Finished

Last weekend I was able to finish quilting the woodland-theme baby quilt on my Gammill before we left the mountains.

There were lots of motifs in the fabrics to inspire free-motion quilting designs.

Mostly I did swirls, leaves, and curves to sort of echo the circles in the border fabric and add texture.

I have also sewn on the binding to the quilt top, but have not hand-stitched it down to the back yet.  It will be a diagonal stripe.

This weekend I stayed home from the mountains in order to attend Art of the Carolinas in Raleigh.  I feel lucky to be only twelve minutes away from this venue.  I have met many students who flew in from Colorado, South Dakota, Michigan, Florida, and other faraway places to take advantage of the many classes and instructors who are here for this conference.  There is also a huge trade show which I visited before my class on Friday night.  I have one more class tomorrow morning.  So far I have finished one painting, but don't know what I will do with it yet.  It is a watercolor batik on rice paper.  I have one watercolor class to go, tomorrow morning with Tom Lynch.  Photos to follow!

Meantime, the Raleigh area is still enjoying the autumn colors.  It turned a lot colder on Friday, but it is still beautiful outside.  Here are some pictures of the pond at my Raleigh home.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Work in Progress: Reversible Baby Quilt

When I was at the Ashe County Piecemakers' Quilt Fair in West Jefferson, NC recently, I bought some fabrics to make baby quilts.  I got one top put together.

The black curvy borders are part of the printed fabric.  I just had to cut apart a cheater cloth panel, sew some big blocks together, and add the small inner border and the outer border with corner post.

I could not find a piece of fabric in my stash that I liked for the backing, but I had a package of 8-inch squares in black and brown prints that I won from some Internet give-away.  I decided to pull fabrics from my stash in coordinating colors and piece a colorful back.

We are in the mountains, but I have not gotten it quilted because my brother-in-law and my husband were framing in the basement, where my long arm machine is located.  They worked around it and all my stuff, and got a lot done.  It looks a mess, but a lot of progress was made.

This is going to be a bathroom with a bathtub/shower unit.  It will be nice to have a bathtub for when our toddler granddaughter is visiting.  Our other bathrooms just have showers.

It is nice up here this weekend.  Yesterday was very cold and windy, but today the wind laid down and I enjoyed a pretty afternoon walk along the creek.

I love seeing the reflections of sky and tress in the water.

Heading home tomorrow, but maybe I will be able to quilt the baby quilt before we go.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Reversible Holiday Table Mat

I recently made a small quilt to use on our dining room table.  It is reversible, so can be used for either Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I started out by making a "Lucky Star" block from Atkinson Designs.  I am making a large quilt using this pattern for my friend Marcia, and wanted to practice.

The green outer border is flannel.  I did freehand machine quilting with my Janome 6600 domestic machine.  I used a variegated poly thread everywhere except in the gold background.

The feather is just done freehand, no drawing or pattern used.

Here is he other side.  I used one block from a fabric designed to make pillows or a cheater quilt.

I did not feel like binding it, so just made a pillow-case type block by turning it, hemming up the opening, and top stitching the edges.

I hope you are enjoying your fall, and thinking about your holiday projects!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Double Wedding Ring Antique Quilt

Here it is, fresh off the long arm machine...a double wedding ring antique quilt!  This is another top made by Helen Stewart, my sister-in-law Debbie's late grandmother.  To see some of the other completed ones, please visit this page.  And here is another with a picture of Helen holding Debbie's daughter, Rachel, when she was a baby.

I have to admit that I did not like this one much at first.  The background fabric is a flowered sheet.  I thought it was too busy for all that piecing.  But, it has grown on me and now I think it is very cheerful.

This quilt top had some issues, the two biggest being that it did not lie flat, and that the piecing seams were not very strong.

Instead of spending a lot of time making repairs to the top before quilting, I decided to just use a curvy overall meandering pattern and Make This Sucker Lie Down Flat!  It worked pretty well.  I decided I would not worry about any pleats formed by stitching through the extra fabric.  And I was able to catch a lot of the seams as I went, strengthening them at the same time.

I also used a very thick polyester batting, Quilters' Dream Puff, which helped ease a lot of the fullness.

My plan worked splendidly!

Hettie quilted the old-fashioned way, by using up fabric from sheets, clothing, and curtains.  I recognize some of the fabrics from other quilts that I finished for Debbie. And she recognizes some of the dresses that her grandma lovingly sewed for her.

The backing is white-on-white muslin.  I used a Seafoam green thread in a leafy vine to somewhat echo the floral vine print on the background fabric.

Now to bind around all those scallops and get this one done!  (I've only had it for three or four years.)

We took a last October trip to the mountains last weekend, and were rewarded with clear blue skies, colorful foliage, and warm temperatures.

Next weekend we will stay in Raleigh to help host our annual pig picking.  It has been a great October!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Art Quilt: Connections

I went to the PAQA-South quilt exhibit at the Page-Walker Arts and History Center in Cary yesterday, thinking that I would linger and take some photos prior to my art quilt group going out there for our November meeting.  I took a few photos in the foyer of the old house, and was told by the lady at the desk that I could not take individual photos of the quilts.  I could only take shots of the quilts from across the room.  Well, that is the first time anyone has stopped me from taking pics at this venue.

In the display case at the entrance, there is a colorful arrangement of prayer flags made by members of PAQA-South.  I must have missed the memo asking us to make these.  They look great!

I found my quilt upstairs on the second floor.  The room is not nearly as lovely as the downstairs parlor with the gorgeous wood floors, grand piano, and fireplace.  It is just a meeting room.  But I liked the quilts upstairs.  Mine is the little guy at lower center.

Here is the wall at the far end of the room.  The two quilts on each end are by Raleigh quilter Roxanne Lessa.

Here are some more on a different wall upstairs.

 And these are on the wall opposite my quilt.  My friend Roberta Morgan's quilt is the one with the faces next to the window.

It has been beautiful in Raleigh.  I took my dog for a walk at Umstead State Park, which actually adjoins my neighborhood.  Instead I drove to the entrance off Glenwood so we could walk around Big Lake.  The leaves are just starting to change there.

We are now in the mountains, where it is quite chilly and there is a freeze warning for tonight.  I started quilting an antique quilt top this afternoon.  It is going well, and I should finish quilting it this weekend.  Photos to come in a future post.  Here is a teaser:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Art Quilt: Connections! Opens Today!

The latest PAQA-South art quilt exhibit is now open to the public at the Page-Walker Art and History Center in Cary, North Carolina.

Here is an image of the main exhibit room downstairs at the Page-Walker.

And here is a journal page that I made featuring this event.  The names of the participating artists are on the right.  

I hope to visit the exhibit today or tomorrow.  I will not be able to attend the artist reception.  But here, once again, is my little contribution to the show.

The Traveling Day Lilies, by Jeanne Turner McBrayer, 2014