Friday, October 14, 2016

Chenille Baby Quilt

It only took three months to finish the quilting on this little baby quilt!  But, it came off the machine today!

I purchased the top at an antique store in Pittsboro, NC, back in April.  I put it on the machine in July, and tried quilting, but it hurt my ankle to stand on the concrete basement floor.  Little did I know that I had a broken leg!  I went to the my orthopedic foot specialist a week later, and found out I had a displaced oblique fracture of the fibula.  I got an ankle brace...which I am still wearing, because the fracture has still not healed.  Anyway...

I echoed around the chenille flowers, did spirals in the squares, and leafy vines in the borders between    the chenille stripes.

The backing is a soft flannel in pastel stripes.

It is good to finish the quilting!  After it is bound, it may offer it for my new grand-baby Layla to use until her garden quilt is finished.

My state of North Carolina has been through a bad time following Hurricane Matthew.  We were at our mountain cabin when the storm hit, along with our son and his family from South Carolina.  Their power was out for five days.  When we returned home, our Raleigh house was fine.  There are many places in North Carolina that are totally flooded.  It is amazing what too much water can do.  My heart goes out to all those who are in shelters, hoping that they will have a home left to return to.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Botanical Paintings From Loose Washes

I am becoming prolific at producing small watercolor paintings---just by creating three washes a day and then creating a painting out of one a day.  See my previous posts about learning from artist Jean Haines.  Here are some botanicals:

I just got three new tubes of Daniel Smith watercolors to try out some new washes:  Cascade Green, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine, and Quinacridone Coral.  Can't wait to try them out!

And while I was playing with watercolors, I did another Bible journaling page to open the Book of Psalms.

Birdies and Trees

A few more blocks for new grand baby Layla's garden quilt...they will have French knots for eyes.  I have a few more to finish that will be facing right.

I am still trying to follow artist Jean Haines' advice and make three watercolor washes every morning using different colors.  Then see if you can make a painting emerge from the luscious pigment that landed on the paper

I did quite a few using paper about 5.5" x 8.5".  I think it is probably more fun for you to see the painting next to the original wash.  I have also edited some of the finished ones down to 4" x 6" so I can use them for greeting cards.

Lavender and green wash
5 x 8 painting

4x 6 cropped final version
Here is another from beginning to final.

Red wash with salt

5 x 8 Tree painting from red wash

Final 4 x 6 Autumn Trees
And here's one more.

Original "autumn" palette wash.  Cellophane was added when it was wet.

Autumn Jewels, 5 x 8, by Jeanne T. McBrayer
I liked the last one and did not crop it down to a smaller size.

It is really fun to do this kind of painting, just playing with color and pigment and water flow and seeing what emerges.  Thank you, Jean Haines!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Watercolor Washes

Today I continued with several more quick watercolor washes, and worked on  one of yesterday's.

Here is a little painting developed from yesterday's spring palette wash.

Spring Wildflowers

red and turquoise wash

yellow-orange and green wash

Pastel color wash
I also did a wash in my watercolor journal using shades of blue and added salt.
Blue wash with salt added

So far, I have turned it upside down and made an angel by painting the negative space around the wings.  I may add some scripture to this one.

Angel from blue and white wash
These paintings are loose, fast and fun.  

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Atmospheric Watercolor Practice

In my last post I wrote about discovering Jean Haines work through her book, Atmospheric Watercolors.  I finished several of yesterday's practice projects.

Two washes became some new friends I am calling "Shorty" and "Lefty."


I also finished a practice page of anemones using Jean's guidelines from the book.

One of Jean's recommendations is to start each day painting three loose and juicy washes in different color palettes.  You can come back to these later and make finished paintings.

So, today I did a spring, summer, and autumn wash on small pieces of Arches 140-lb. paper.

Spring Wash- with cellophane and salt

Summer wash with cellophane

Autumn Wash with cellophane manipulation
And for those anxious for more pictures of the new grand are Charlotte and her new sister, Layla!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Atmospheric Watercolors

I am in love with  a new art instruction book that I bought for myself .  Jean Haines' Atmospheric Watercolors is a delight to view and read, and had me reaching for my brushes and paints to try some of her techniques.

She encourages beautiful, loose washes of color for starting paintings.  She paints loosely, leaving much detail to the viewer's imagination.  In the book she shares tips and practice exercises.
Here is what I have done so far.

elephant work-in-progress

Another elephant work-in-progress

Sunlit daffodils-I think this one is done!

Venetian door-I'm going to repeat this exercise to try to improve it.

Colorful wash-might become a seated figure or an angel
Painting in this loose, juicy style is so much fun!  There is no sketching ahead of time, just applying paint to paper and utilizing the unique characteristics of watercolor paint, like the way it flows, forms blossoms, and blends.  

Jean Haines has several other books available, which are being added to my wish list!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Mountain Weekend

We just got back today from a trip to our cabin in the North Carolina mountains.  Beautiful weather and beautiful scenery make for great times with family.

There were sunset rides to the top of the mountain..

Visits with my sister and her husband and grandchildren...and donkeys...

and her  pet cow, Sampson...

I spent a little bit of time on artwork during the football games on Saturday.  Here is a Bible journal page.  I borrowed the hummingbird image from a set of coasters given to me by my brother Jeff and his wife Anna.

I also added some doodles and journaling to a background that I had previously painted.  I used some wooden chipboard designs from Michael's to stamp the round shapes.  I hope it looks joyful!