Monday, June 1, 2009

Symposium Report #2- Purse-onality Challenge

At the last few shows that Capital Quilters' Guild has hosted, Roberta Morgan has organized a fun challenge to raise money for charity. We've done Artful Bras and Boxers. This year's challenge is called "Purse-onality," and the challenge was to make a purse out of an usual object. During the quilt show last weekend, viewers could bid on the purses in a silent auction. The designated charity this year is Interact, an organization to prevent spouse abuse. We raised several hundred dollars for Interact through this entertaining challenge. The purses were not listed in the show catalog, so I do not remember all the names of the bags and their makers. Roberta Morgan made quite a few, including this lady's face sticking out like a figurehead, and the decoupage box purses.

UNC Championship Purse

Diva purse
Necktie Purse

Coffee Filter purse by Natalie Rand

Black Purse
Flirty Skirt Purse
My "Trash Bag", which I am proud to say, sold for more than thirty dollars!
Bright fabric bagCD Bag

Chicken Wire Bag- a popular favorite

Baby Doll BagGlove Bag

Bag Lady
Mardi Gras bag
Button Bag
Strawberry Bag

And-drumroll, please...Viewer's Choice Winner...Hand Bag!
Hope you enjoyed our Purse-onality Challenge!

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