Saturday, June 27, 2009

Photo Memory Book

Somehow I got a Shutterfly account this year. I believe it was when I bought some scrapbooking items at Archivers' in Raleigh. So far, it has brought quite a few benefits, including about 40 free photos to put in my husband's scrapbook. This week, they offered a free 20-page, hard-cover photo book just for the price of shipping and tax. I'm sure they hoped I would order several extra copies for $40.00 a pop.

It took awhile to put the book together online, but it turned out very nice. And was much quicker than creating scrapbook pages! I surprised my husband with it when he got home last night.

I recommend signing up with Shutterfly!


Vanasa said...

I love shutterfly photobooks. I make them for every vacation and include scans of ticket stubs, receipts and other stuff you save from vacation. I also write funny stories and things about the vacation. It usually takes me months to finish one but so well worth it!!

Unknown said...

I've heard about this! I haven't tried it, though!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I've been meaning to do one of these but the learning curve of figuring it out has put me off. I don't want to spend hours doing it! Yours looks great and free is wonderful!