Monday, March 30, 2009

We had a great weekend in Asheville, North Carolina, to participate in our nephew Tom's Court of Honor for the Eagle Scout award. He looked great up there! The McBrayer family was well-represented, as both of Charlie's brothers also attended with their wives and one of Tom's cousins.
A proud moment for our family.
I look like a bobble-head doll perched on Tom's shoulder in this group shot!
It rained the whole way to Asheville on Friday night, and most of the day Saturday. What a bummer, because everything was in bloom and would have looked lovely.
What a difference a day makes...Sunday had a bright blue sky and just some puffy clouds for our drive home.
It was goodbye to the mountains for another week. Next weekend is the annual opening day of trout season at our little place in Ashe County, North Carolina, and we are planning to be there.
Here at home in Wake Forest, it was clear blue skies and beautiful cherry trees in full bloom along our driveway.


Unknown said...

That's great! Everyone looks so proud of him! :)

Judy S. said...

Wonderful accomplishment! How about sending a wee bit of spring our way? We had a dusting of you-know-what yesterday morning!