Friday, March 6, 2009

Mountain Sunset continued

I decided to quilt the mountain sunset quilt on my Bernina instead of the Gammill in order to use shinier threads and avoid tension troubles. Immediately, I regretted that decision. Pushing this heavy layered quilt through the machine and not getting pleats and wrinkles was impossible. And because of the many layers of batting, fabric, sheers, etc., most of the threads are buried too deeply to show anyway.

The green velour or velvet for the background hills worked beautifully, with the quilted tree shapes looking dimensional. I had to do a lot of quilting in the sky to hold down all the sheers, and it looks a little puffier than I intended. I like the foreground and Christmas tree farm. A little Angelina added some sparkle and shine.

Oh, and I tried using a variegated rayon thread with orange, pink, and purple, but took almost all of it out because the tension on the back looked too loose.

I think I will wait until after the weekend to decide what else to do with this piece. My son and grandkids are supposed to be here when I get home from school today. We have had a huge warming trend in the last few days since it snowed, and it should be in the seventies the next two days.

Last time they were supposed to arrive, my son could not get off work and both kids were sick. I hope that all goes well this time, or Gigi might have to get in her car and head to South Carolina!


Cathie said...

This is coming along quite nicely. I love the trees - they look so real - and that sky - gorgeous!!! I tried to click to enlarge to see details, but it wouldn't enlarge for some reason.

Judy S. said...

Oh, how I wish we'd get a warming trend after our snow. I can't believe that it's snowed 3 times since we got back from FLA! Any snow for us, especially in March, is unusual. I like this piece of yours. Jeanne. It's going to be beautiful when finished.