Friday, March 27, 2009

Mountain Sunset

Not much blogging activity from me this week...that big weekend at the beach wore me out, and I have not been very productive in the quilting department.

I did finish the Mountain Sunset quilt in time for Charlie's birthday. I had it pretty flat, but after traveling to the beach, it could use a bit more time being straightened. He liked it. :)

This one has quite a bit of sparkle due to shiny threads, some crystal organza fog, and a little Angelina. It also is a bit dimensional, especially the dark green hills in the background.

And here is something too cute not to show baby Ragen. This would make a good
Anne Geddes image inside a rosebud, wouldn't it!

We are traveling again this weekend, this time to the beautiful mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina. My husband Charlie, the old Eagle Scout, will be administering the Eagle Award to our nephew, Tom Logan, on Saturday. Quite an honor to be asked to do this. Congratulations to Tom on a great accomplishment!


Cathie said...

Quilt - WOW! This came out so beautiful. The pink clouds - gorgeous and oh so representative of Western Carolina skies.

Baby - OMG! you are so right - Anne Geddes - the pose and pudgy little face would be perfect nestled inside rose petals. Hmmm, you could do a little art quilt - print her on a piece of fabric, and surround her little body with petals - Anne/Jeanne style.

Eagle Scout - what an accomplishment. I was in scouting for 10 years (my mom was the leader) and scouting is one of the most worthwhile organizations for youth. I had Sabrina and Sal both in troops but unfortunately times have changed and I never did get them in to troops we were happy with. They are out there though. Congratulations to the Eagle and how wonderful Charlie gets to take place.

Enjoy the weekend.

Vicki W said...

Mountain sunset is beautiful! I bet he loved it!

Unknown said...

Oh, that quilt is absolutely spectacular! You are one talented quilter, that's for sure!

That baby is just beautiful! She does look like perfect candidate for an Anne Geddes photo!

Congratulations to your nephew on his Eagle Scout! That is a quite an accomplishment! It is really something to be proud of!

Hope you stop on by for my 1st Blogoversary/100th post celebration! I'm even having a giveaway! Do come on over! Everyone is invited!!! :)