Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daffodils for a Friend

I have mentioned the Pamela Allen online class which has now ended. I am still working on my projects, but like the last online class, the group is still active and still communicating. During the month-long class, one of our members from Norway suffered the terrible loss of a baby grandchild. Some of us decide to make "art quilt" blocks and compile them into a quilt for her.

I decided mine would have to be cheerful daffodils, since they are blooming now in my yard.

I did not really have time to utilize the entire "Pamela" method, embroidering down each piece. But, I used a muslin base and zigzagged most of the pieces down. The centers of the daffodils are yellow Dupioni silk rolled into a tube and sewn down. They stick out nice and perky. The backs are free-hand cut with scissors, and attached via embroidery stitches.

This will go into the mail tomorrow.


Vicki W said...

The daffodil block is really nice!

Unknown said...

The daffodils are very sweet looking! I just love daffodils! They are so bright and cheery! :)