Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some Great Quilty Websites

Do you ever have a few extra minutes to seek inspiration for new projects on the web?

If you are a blog reader, you probably are already aware of the excitement that starts to sizzle when you come across awesome artistic projects and wonder, what if...? could I do that? would it work to use a different technique? how did they make this?

Of course, going to a quilt show or workshop is the ideal way to increase your knowledge of what's new in the quilting world. But we are so lucky in this day and age to have the Internet to bring the information we seek right into our living rooms.

I have featured Bonnie McCaffery's site before, but would like to point you in her direction once again. Bonnie's own quilts and techniques are very well-known, and she is a popular teacher of portrait quilts, fantasy fabrics, and more. I personally own two of her books, one of which is now out of print. Portrait Quilts has been reprinted and is even on Barnes and Noble's site.

In the last few years, Bonnie has provided a wonderful service of producing short vidcasts or "podcasts" of interviews with quilters. Bonnie's interviews are friendly and informative, but not too "gushy." They are available on the Internet from her site, or you can download them to your iPod from the iTunes store- for free!

One of my favorite of her vidcasts is with Larkin Van Horn, beader extraordinaire and textile artist. After watching this vidcast, I signed up to take a workshop with Larkin at the upcoming North Carolina Quilt Symposium. The workshop topic is Beaded Buttons- something I have never tried. Always learning something new!

I also was very impressed with the vidcast with Pam Holland. I started out smiling as Pam described how she and three quilting friends had their eyeliner or eyebrows tattooed after downing a few margaritas. After seeing Pam describe her "Drapplique" technique (drawing + applique), I immediately went to her website. Wow- some very detailed techniques for creating portrait quilts, and so many beautiful projects to ponder.

Okay, grab your coffee (or a margarita!) and spend a few minutes with Bonnie and friends!


Anonymous said...


You're going to love the workshop with Larkin Van Horn! I took two classes with her when she taught in Alaska a few years ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. She's very talented and a great teacher, too.

Cissy33 said...

Your readers may also be interested in a retreat featuring BONNIE McCARRERY. Sept 23-27, Leesburg, Florida. See http://www.BeSewCreative for more information or email

Happy Quilting,