Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

Probably every blogger on the east coast of USA is posting snow pictures today. It was really a pretty snow, and continued off and on throughout the afternoon. I dressed up in winter gear and decided to go out and explore. My big daffodils finally bloomed, but were all buried in snow.

And every time this camellia bush tries to bloom, it snows or freezes.

Instead of taking Maggy for a walk down the street, I decided to explore the woods behind our house. I don't go back there too often because there is a steep bank to climb after you jump over the creek. But it is so beautiful to walk through the woods.

Our home is located near a flat granite outcropping several acres across. There used to be a granite quarry in nearby Rolesville, which now serves as a scuba training site. Many boulders are located throughout the woods.

But if you keep walking toward a neighbor's property, you hit an area with two descending ponds, a waterfall, the huge granite areas you can walk across, and what looks like a mountain ravine. I guess the glacier came through right here!

I chose not to jump across the spillover creek yesterday. The waters were gushing over like river rapids!

I ended up staying home all day because our school did not open. It was a Quilty Afternoon! May be able to show some WIP tomorrow.

The snow should all be gone by then.


Vicki W said...

Great photos! Chris and I took a walk around this morning. I'll post photos over the next few days and continue to bore the northerners!

Judy S. said...

Nice photos, Jeanne. I hope your snow melts as fast as ours did last week when our place looked much like yours does now. Think spring, right?

Unknown said...

That snow covered camelia makes for a beautiful photo!