Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bookmarks and Postcards for Heritage Day

The Capital Quilters Guild Heritage Day auction is coming up soon on October 1.  In addition to the auction of the quilts, the guild sponsors a Boutique of hand-made items.  I decided to spend this afternoon sewing up some postcards and bookmarks.

I used some fabric paper that I made a long time ago and never used.

The first piece was tissue paper on muslin, along with some collaged paper from a catalog.  The drawn vine or seaweed was an idea for a quilting motif on Golden Threads paper that I no longer needed.

From this fabric paper, I made all of these in the "Undersea" series.

Here is another piece of fabric paper.  I used paper napkin, commercial fabric, painted fabric, and collaged paper.

From that piece, I made two postcards.  The heavy pink areas are pink thread in a decorative stitch from my Janome 6600.

And here are two bookmarks from the same piece.

Another fabric paper I had lying around was made by gluing colorful foil candy wrappers to muslin with watered-down white glue, and painting and stamping over them with Lumiere paint.  These are quite shiny.  Even the silk sari ribbons have a metallic stripe.

The backs of these are painted watercolor paper.

Speaking of watercolor, I cut up a failed painting of a landscape and made a couple bookmarks out of it.  Trust me, this painting looks better in slices!

Tomorrow I go to the doctor, then plan to meet Cathy Kirk from the Capital Quilters' Guild to pick up two tops that were donated for the auction.  They need to be quilted.  My friend Jean has offered to help bind them.

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Unknown said...

love them all! especially the undersea ones!