Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ashe County Quilt Show, Part 1

Today I will start sharing some photos I took at the Ashe County Piecemaker's Guild Quiltfest last weekend in West Jefferson, NC. 

I kept seeing quilts that referenced Barn Quilts, and eventually figured out that this was a theme category this year.  Barn quilts are very popular in this area, especially after a promotion by the Ashe County Arts Council.

One quilter, Peg Hofstetter,  painted quilts on the barns on a printed fabric.

This is the entire quilt, called I Spy Barns With Quilts.

Another lady embroidered quilts on the barns on a flannel print.

Here is the whole quilt.  It is called, Happy Trails:  A Barn Quilt Trail to Granny's House, by Sandi Smith.

This lovely art quilt features a mountain barn, but alas, no barn quilt. It is When the Cows Come Home, by Jannett Caldwell.   The pieced blocks on the inner border are known as "Hole in the Barn Door," quite appropriate!

Here is a close-up of the barn.

This was probably my favorite of the quilts featuring barns.  Bright Wintry Day, by Chris Eichner.

The tree is fantastic!

This quilt really sums up the fall season on the farm.  It's called Turkey Trot, by Jo Seagle.

And this is a lovely quilt also featuring pumpkins and fall colors.  It's appropriately titled Colors of Fall, by Alica Potter.

Naturally, quilters from this area love to create quilts featuring mountains.  This one is Mountain Landscape, by Barbara Barkley, an original design.

 Here is a detail.

Another is Purple Mountain Majesty, by Sandy Leafe. 

These landscape quilts were displayed in one of the vendor booths. Wow!  Love them!

That's it for today.  Check back next time for more quilts from the show.

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