Saturday, September 3, 2011

We Finally Gave in to the Urge for Internet

Charlie and I headed into West Jefferson Friday morning and signed up for Internet service here in our mountain cabin.  We resisted for a long time, but now we can bring our laptops and keep up with the world.

While we were in town, we stopped by the Ashe County Cheese Factory.  They have painted the milk tanks in front to look like Holstein cows! 



We went up the mountain on the Gators Friday afternoon, and the perpetual mud puddle on the dirt road at the top has turned into a sinkhole of mud.  Which did not stop the dogs from jumping in and cooling off in the skanky water.


In fact, Roo was positively giddy about his mud bath!


We have a big group up here between our three houses on the family compound.  Here is the youngest, precious little Shelby, with her Mamaw Mary and my sister Katy.


And here is the oldest, my father Pete Turner.  He decided he wanted to paint, so I set up a table in the shade of our garage looking out onto the woods.  He made a small 4" x 6" abstract mountain scene in watercolor.  He makes color copies of these and mounts them on greeting cards.


I painted along side him, and will post my painting later when it is dry.

My nephew, Donnie, and his family are also up for the weekend.  Here is his basset hound, Rooster!


He actually has two basset hounds, Rooster and Dixie, who are supposed to make little Basset puppies one day.

My brother Chris came over from Banner Elk after doing a little fishing.  His hip waders looked a little suspicious in the back of his car.


It has been a nice day with family, dogs, sunshine, and beautiful scenery.

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