Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ashe County Quilt Show, Part 3

Today will continue my posts about the Ashe County Piecemaker's Guild Quiltfest in West Jefferson, NC, last weekend.

Let's look first at the miscellaneous items such as wearables, purses, art quilts and other fabric items.  This fabric collage vest was a blue ribbon winner by Irene Bebber called Pinecones and Petals.

This satiny butterfly was very eye-catching.  I did not catch the name of the creator.  This show did not have a program.  There was a Viewer's choice ballot including all the categories.  I took photos of the labels to help me credit the entries, but I guess I missed this one.

Loved this brightly colored tiny fabric basket with embellished flowers.

This original design is called Sunset Sails by Peg Hofstetter.

There were many examples of quilts made by flower-pounding.  I saw this method on Simply Quilts once---looks like a lot of work!  This is Camellia by Rheta Kirk.

This colorful jacket is Sherbet Delight by Irene Bebber.

Another pretty jacket is Snowflake by Gillian Winterton.

I have the pattern for this purse!  Never made it, though!  Purse-Tote is by Barbara McCabe.

Got some old jeans lying around?  Who doesn't? Here is a cute apron made with the handy jean pockets. Recycled:  Denim Apron is by Catherine Finch.

Let's move on.  Here is a really cute Christmas village, Winter Wonders by Alice Potter.  It is her original design.

I showed a picture of this next quilt to my granddaughter, Lily, who immediately asked if "we" could make one.  Lollipop Christmas is by Judy Thew.  This quilt is from a pattern.  I especially like the peppermint yo-yo's.

Loved the Snowman Calendar by Janet Ward.

Here is the August Snowman.

Look at the beautiful Indian Peacock  by Peg Hofstetter.

Here is closer view.

There was a peacock feather in the lower corner.

I have enough pictures left for one more post.  Next time I will show some smaller bed quilts and wall-hangings.

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Katie said...

I just saw that Lollipop Christmas pattern today at stash dash. At Elegant Stitches maybe? Anyway, they were a set of four and very cute. :-)