Friday, September 9, 2011

Charity Quilts and Quilt Bee

Yesterday, I was able to finish the two donated quilt tops that I picked up on Wednesday, and pass them along to volunteers from my bee to bind in time for the guild meeting next Thursday.

The first is a small 24 square inch walhanging with calico butterfly appliques on a cloud background fabric.  I chose to quilt flowers for the butterflies to visit with loop-to-loops to represent their flight paths.

I went inside each butterfly  and added some quilting.

This quilt was done quickly due to its small size.  The backing is the same cloud fabric.  That white streak is afternoon sunlight peeking between the curtains!

Next up is a lap-quilt size Stack and Slash quilt done in muted dusty shades of calico so popular in the the eighties.  I did not like all the contrasting angles and the dated fabrics when I first saw this.  However, after adding some curvy all-over freehand feathers, I think it looks pretty darn nice!

This one has a muslin backing.  The feathers make a very nice textural pattern on the back.

Thanks to Jean and Irene for agreeing to bind these for the guild in time for the Heritage Days auction on October 1.

When I picked up the two tops from Cathy Kirk, I saw that she had another quilt top in the back of her car, (which is so off-white Mini-Cooper with the license plate "Mini Pearl")  and I agreed to quilt that one, too.  It is much larger, 88" x 82".  I will quilt that one when we get back from the mountains next week.  I'll probably bind that one entirely by machine due to lack of time.

Last night, The Whacky Ladies met at Carolyn's house.  We had a great turnout and lots of interesting Show-and-Tell.

This is another quilt top Carolyn made from the Warm Wishes pattern. 

And this is Carolyn's Lhasa apso, Pepper, who entertained us throughout the meeting. I believe he was smiling for his portrait!

Janice showed us lots of interesting works-in-progress.  She participated in an online jelly-roll quilt contest, and made this original top.

We all loved the fabrics that she chose in different colorways.

She showed a little quilt she is making for her son.  I am so excited that she is starting to play with Shiva paint sticks and other art quilt materials!  You can read about this quilt and see a better photo on her blog.

Irene showed us the table runner she made using an instruction book for place mats with this braid pattern.

Jean has finished making the Cowboy Boots quilt top that she is making for a niece who is graduating from high school.  She had a lot of fun choosing the fabrics for the boots.  The niece also asked for sunsets, so she got this beauty right in the center.

You might be seeing that one again on my blog...she is giving it to me next week to quilt it for her.

Off to our cabin again in a few hours for a weekend of beautiful weather and family fun.

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