Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beautiful Day

It is sunny and cool here in beautiful northwestern North Carolina.  This was the view from our yard this morning.  You can just see the dam over Peak Creek down below, and the tree farm across the road.

We went to West Jefferson this morning.  We had not been to Antiques on Main for awhile, so we stopped in to shop te 12,000 square feet of vendor booths.  I came out with a cute little McCoy pitcher.  It's the one on the right on the windowsill.

On the way back, we stopped to take a picture of the quilt barn at the base of Mount Jefferson.  There is a llittle bit of fall color on the mountain near the peak.

We went on another Gator ride this afternoon.  Sure enough, our granddog Roo flopped right back down in the mud puddle at the top of the hill, joined by our dog Kasey, who loves to drink the skanky water.

We have been watching the NC State-Wake Forest game on TV.  State was horrible during the first half, but they just scored a touchdown on fourth down to bring them within seven points in the fourth quarter. 

Tonight we are cooking steaks with Ricky, Mary, and Kenny to end a wonderful day.

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