Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Harvest

We were back in the North Carolina mountains last weekend.  It was cold and kind of gray weatherwise, but everywhere I looked there was lots of color.  Welch's Produce Stand was an inviting stop along Highway 88.

We had to get some of those scrumptious tomatoes.

They are selling tree bark birdhouses...

and bunches of bittersweet along with the fruits and veggies.

There were many orange pumpkins visible on the vine in the fields, and at least one pumpkin stand is in full swing.

I liked these fat but flat pumpkins.

Saturday was my father's 88th birthday.  He has had a very rough year with some health issues, but he was feeling good this weekend.  All seven of his children were on hand to help celebrate. Katy and I are the only girls, but we sure have our share of handsome brothers.

Of course there were lots of other Turners on hand, including the newest great-grandchild, Nadia, with my niece Rachel.

I also have some quilty reporting to do about the weekend.  The Ashe County Piecemakers Quilt Guild held their annual show at Jefferson Station, and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit there.  They had lots of mums and antiques to decorate the venue, although it is already an art gallery of huge murals by local artists and even students.

I will have lots of quilt photos in future posts.  I ran into a fellow member of the Carolina Longarm Association, Judy Whitehead, who was working her booth with hand-dyed fabrics and scarves.

There is tons of space at Jefferson Station, and the Vendor Mall was enormous.

Here is a sign that I liked at the show, a gentle reminder not to touch the quilts without the plastic glove. Sunbonnet Sue and her gang are in chains!

I did not buy much at the Vendor Mall since I had very limited time.  I got a few pieces of felted wool, and a poster with some of my favorite things: blue skies, mountains, quilt barns, and cows.  I'll post a picture when I get it dry-mounted or framed.

I'll go ahead and show you the raffle quilt from the show.  I really loved the blend of colors and the glowing fabrics.

Here is a close-up.

I will leave you with one last Fall inspiration:  this fall leaf quilt by Michele Hays.  The label says it is her first quilt.  I see it scored a ribbon!

Yes, fall is coming soon.  Please come back to visit for more quilts from the Ashe County show.


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