Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trying Something New

I had a wonderful lunch yesterday with my friend Carol at Bahama Breeze in Raleigh. The grilled tilapia was mouth-watering! After lunch, I did a little shopping. At Joann's I found two large pieces of upholstery-weight fabric to make Schlepping Bags, a pattern by our own Raleighite and Capital Quilters Guild ex-president Janice Pope. Schlepping Bags are large enough to carry your cutting board and 24" ruler to class, and they have lots of pockets for tools and notions. I just got the pattern through Henrietta's Handbags, also of Raleigh.
Also at Joann's, I found these plates on sale. They look quilty to me! I like to hang plates on the wall for decor, but these might actually be used for dessert plates.

After another stop at Michael's for a few art supplies, I headed to Panopolie, a local bead/craft store. I have been wanting to attend one of their Try-It Tuesday classes, where for only two dollars you can try out a new project with their materials and assistance. The day's project was Beaded Bangles, or wire-wrapped beaded bracelets. I have a lot of beads, but have never tried any wire-wrapped jewelry.
Well, I was out of my element and all thumbs, but they were very nice and helpful. I ended up wearing my new creation home.
I discovered that it is hard to photograph a bracelet on your own hand while you are wearing it. Also, I hated that hand model's dried skin in the close-up photo! When did I acquire crocodile skin? So I tried some substitute wrist models.
How about a bunch of bananas?

Or a lovely bottle of Grand Marnier shining in the sun?

My bracelet was a good learning experience, and I am sure to go back to Try-It Tuesday again.

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Michelle said...

your bracelet turned out great! I was at Panopolie on Tuesday as well ... sorry I missed you!