Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back on the Horse...Quilting Charity Quilts

After my near-disastrous quilting experience with the fiber curtains, causing hubby to ride in on his mechanical horse and rescue me, I decided to quilt some charity quilts today. I wanted to make sure everything was really working fine while my personal mechanic was on hand!

First, I quilted the little blue and white nine-patch from The Whacky Ladies Bee sew-in day on Thursday.

I used a line-dancing loop in the nine-patch blocks, and just whatever freehand I felt like doing in the alternate blocks.
I am always surprised at how charming these pedestrian little quilts become with some pretty quilting to add texture. When all the blocks are square, I like to add some curvy quilting.

While I had blue thread on the machine, I reached for another guild charity quilt top that was also blue and white. I actually put this kit together last summer at the Flower Cottage at Dix Hospital, when Jean, Roberta, and I went out there to visit the guild's fabric stash.

Some one else in the guild constructed the top, and I got it back for quilting. This quilt was REALLY linear with all those straight lines, so I did freehand feathers all over. I decided to use up all my bobbins with leftover blue thread, and I freed up quite a few!

You can't really tell on the back that I used slightly different shades of blue.

Well, maybe on this last corner, when the only blue bobbin I had left was this variegated one!

Now, this little rail fence will be passed along to another Cyberbee member who has offered to bind these. One topper, one quilter, one binder...a good collaboration!


Unknown said...

wow, stunning work...i love it

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful quilt. And thank you for helping to make charity quilts!

Hugs, many hugs!


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Beautiful quilting Jeanne.