Monday, September 22, 2008

What a weekend!

Another big weekend in the mountains...this time for a gathering of the Turner family and friends to celebrate my father, Pete Turner's, 85th birthday! For the first part of the gathering, we rented the local community building and had birthday cake, fellowship, and story-telling. One of my contributions to the party was this crown for the birthday boy! Since he is an artist, his crown is trimmed with paintbrushes. Here is Dad with another artist he worked with at Ferree Studios in Raleigh.

Dad started off the story-telling. Here he is showing an illustration he is working on for a children's book. The author is another resident of his retirement community, who also came to the party.
After the birthday party, we retired to my sister's land at the family homestead where the men have created what I call the "city park." Here we had music and singing, horseshoes, barbecued chicken, and lots of fun. This is me with my new short haircut, and three of my five brothers: Pat, John, and Tim.

My family was there, including the grandkids. Here is Lily in a very good mood when she woke up in the morning. Notice she is wearing "jewelry" with her pajamas!

Here are two of our neighbors' grandkids that we often see in the mountains. Ricky and Aaron were very amused by one of those musical birthday cards. This one plays the beginning of the song "Wipe Out."
With all the cooking and party prep and visiting, I did not get to spend much time on the mountain this weekend. But after everyone left, Charlie and I took one Gator ride to the top. The leaves are just starting to change color.
It was a gorgeous weekend, with cool temps and clear blue skies.
A last look from the top of the hill before heading home.
Today I will be getting two quilts ready to send off to Innovations, and getting ready for the kitchen floor to be installed on Wednesday. Better get going!


Cathie said...

What a wonderfully blessed life you have Jeanne - full of family, love and creative spirits. What a special man your dad is - look at his precious illustrations. That little Lily has such a sweet face.

It was a glorious weekend. We stayed in a beautiful cabin in Maggie Valley and went all the way up to Gatlinburg. Logged over 850 Harley Miles this weekend. Really love the Tennessee/Carolina border area and the Smokies. Enjoy your week! Talk to you soon.

Fannie said...

Happy 85th Birthday to your dad, Jeanne! Beautiful post. Beautiful man. Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!