Friday, September 26, 2008

New Pete Turner art

Great mail today...a thank-you card from my father for his birthday surprises. Isn't this a happy scene? He says it took him about an hour. I love the colors, the serene setting with mountain ridge in the background, and the whimsical title "Grazy Day." Thanks, Dad!

If anyone would like to see the With One Voice art quilt exhibit in detail, there is now an on-line catalog with a close-up of each quilt and the artist's statement. This will be a good way to waste time, er uh, happily be inspired and delighted at these very unique quilts. If you click on the quilt photo, you will be directed to the page for that quilt. If you start with the first one, you can click Next to view the entire show on at a time. Nicely done, Lynn!

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Anonymous said...

Your dad is so talented! Love his piece! Also I really love the new floor, looks so neat and tidy, up to date!