Monday, September 29, 2008

We're Not Moving...

But it seems like we are, with all the packing up we have done for the last couple of weeks. Today Phase Two of our remodeling has begun...hardwood floors for the dining room, foyer, and living room. Remember our virtually empty kitchen from last week? We have moved a lot of Stuff from the other rooms into here. I spent six and a half hours sealing the grout on Saturday. That tile floor gets hard real fast! I found my old garden kneeler foam pad in the garage and used that while down on the floor.
Here is the living room with nothing in it but some furniture. And some of the cartons of wood flooring that have to sit in your house for at least three days before installation. My dog, Maggy has freaked over all the changes. She was a rescue pet that had been thrown off the back of a pickup truck before we adopted her. Like many troubled students I have worked with, she responds well to structure. This disruption in her space has not been good. I would say she has only been upstairs about once a year in the twelve years we have had her, but she has been bolting upstairs every night after sniffing all these cartons of wood and losing her prime napping space in front of the fireplace.We were told that the crew would move all the furniture, but we had to empty all the drawers, bookshelves, take down knick-knacks, disconnect electronics,etc. Last week, the crew consisted of a Travis Tritt look-alike and three Mexican hermanos. Today the new "crew" showed up. It is one young man, with long goatee, bald head, and multiple scary tattoos from his ears to his Doc Martens. Appearances aside, he seems very pleasant, and I immediately recognized his Long Island accent. I hope he can move everything by himself.

If you ever read the comments from readers of my blog, you will see that I have just reconnected with Kathleen. She is not related to me, but is a cousin of my cousins. Isn't the Internet wonderful? She is from a very artsy side of the family. My father's sister Jeanne, a wonderful artist also, was married to Kathleen's mother's brother, I think. Can't wait to see her blog when she gets it going!

I am actually going to get back on the Gammill this week and start on those customer quilts.

Here is something pretty funny: I have invited Martha Stewart's blog team to look at my page. She will feature some bloggers on her TV show. Now, I have done lots of Martha-type activities in my time, such as growing herbs, stamping my own Christmas wrapping paper, making note cards from pressed flowers, and of course sewing up a storm. But, the whole cooking scene is not exactly my favorite. I throw about two big, big parties a year, one of which is catered. I cook when necessary, but why spend all that time working on something that is going to disappear within minutes? LOL I do like pretty things, and I hope that my quilts are all Good Things.

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Stephanie D said...

Poor Maggy. I know what you're talking about. We have a rescued cocker spaniel who was kept in a kennel all the time and not exposed to much, so gets all neurotic with any change in her routine or environment. I thought she was going to have a meltdown last week when we got the carpet cleaned.

I hope you hear "good things" back from the Martha Stewart gang.