Friday, September 26, 2008

Phase One is done!

Here is a peek at our new porcelain tile in the kitchen/eating area. I would love to show it flooded with morning sun, but so far, the sun has not cooperated with the nor'easter off our coast.

To show how badly we needed this new flooring, here is a comparison.
This is the old vinyl floor with a big crack at the entrance to the powder room.

Here is the new Toto toilet, now thankfully out of the living room and installed in the powder room. We are proud of that bad boy! Before, we had one of those low-pressure toilets. Awful, awful!

I think I have mentioned before that one of my sons works for a plumbing supply company. He has helped us get some fine new fixtures at a low cost. This Toto has won awards for best-performing toilet! At home shows, they mount it in a Plexi-glass stall and flush golf balls through it!

It is so funny that Dave grew up to be a toilet salesman. When he was a little boy, he was fascinated by toilets. He immediately wanted to visit every men's room in every restaurant so he could try out the toilet. Potty-training that kid was a breeze! I was glad he was a boy so his father got the rest room escort duties.

Anyway, one of the features of this toilet is that the seat and lid return gently to the closed position with only the slightest of touches. It is a pretty good party trick. People have been known to enter a bathroom with one of these potties, and shriek with laughter as they watch the seat slowly, gently descend. No banging of lids! No fear of amputating part of the male anatomy as the seat unexpectedly slams down!

That reminds me of a hilarious magazine article my husband and I read back when we were first married. It must have been in Playboy. (Yes, my husband just reads it for the excellent non-fiction articles.) This particular article was all about the danger of "Bijouna!", the author's term for the dangerous unexpected dropping of the toilet seat. Not being a person who is required by polite society to lift the seat in order to use the facility, namely a male, I had no idea of the dangers involved. Bijounas are more likely to occur when the tank is covered with one of those fluffy toilet ensembles.

Well, enough about this topic. Not very quilty today! Hope you got a laugh or two.


Vicki W said...

Oh the things that we get excited about as we get older! LOL!

Kathleen said...

Jeanne! I am so excited to see your blog. I've recently become interested in watercolors and thought I'd see if any of your dad's art was online. We always looked forward to his Christmas cards. Thanks for taking the time to blog!
--Kathleen Lupton Speidel Wheeless (does my full name place me for you?)

Alana Geikie said...

Great choice of color for the porcelain tile. Made it a very good match for the walls. It made your home appear lively and bright. Anyway, I think you made a good decision to change your old vinyl floor for a porcelain tile floor. Tiles are sturdier and have a longer lifespan than other types of flooring materials.