Friday, September 12, 2008

Painting Progress

Well, I finished painting two coats of this warm beige paint above the chair rail in the kitchen. I had hoped to avoid painting the lower part of the wall, but have decided to paint it a few shades darker than the top part. In fact, I bought two gallons of the "shortbread" color paint, and only used one. Maybe they can tint the other can a little darker if I take it back to the store. Yesterday when the sun came out, my kitchen literally glowed-almost a peach color- with the light hitting the new paint.
We will be selling this house at some point when we decide it is too much trouble to have two homes- one in the mountains and one here in central NC. I am almost there...but can't stand the thought of packing and moving, especially with my twelve-foot Gammill. But in the meantime, I am trying to update a few things so it will be marketable. I have heard that the rooms should be in warm neutral colors, and my whole downstairs is in cool blues and greens. So the kitchen is a first step!
Plus, I am trying to finish the painting before the new floors are installed. Ironically, I did not drop any paint on the floor yesterday!
One of my quilting buddies came out yesterday to bring me a quilting job. She couldn't was "in her way." I think she felt bad when she saw what a mess this place is in due to the painting and new floor project. Oh, yes, and our son who sells high-end plumbing fixtures got us two new Toto toilets, and one of the old ones was sitting out in the driveway. I told her that being from Arkansas, she should feel right at home. Those of you who know Jean will understand!
Anyway, Charlie is heading for the mountains today as tomorrow is opening day of bow season for deer hunting. I am not into the whole hunting thing, but have learned to live with it. I did not know that the handsome college boy I married was a hunter until too late! He has been hunting up there in Ashe County with my brother-in-law for thirty-six years. Don't worry, they have not exactly decimated the deer population. Often I see more deer at home in Wake Forest than they see in the mountains. I am staying home to work on this kitchen project, and get some things ready for next weekend. We are having a big birthday party in the mountains for my father's 85th birthday. I am doing the decorations, name tags, and a digital slide show set to music. Can't say much more in case Dad decides to browse my blog!
Have a great weekend, and my prayers go out to those in Texas who are in the path of Ike. Stay safe!

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Feeling Simply Quilty said...

My brother is a bow hunter, or I should say tries to be. He might get 1 deer every other year. So, I guess as long as it's a bow, that might make it pretty even.

We just put on a 60 year anniversery for in laws. Made pictures printed on cups for a gift-their kids making funny faces when they were young-50 year old photos on ceramic mugs.