Thursday, September 25, 2008

Changes Coming

Here is a look at a weather-maker just off the coast of North Carolina. This one is not a hurricane, but I just came back in from an invigorating walk with Maggy. It is very gusty and quite cool. We should be getting some rain pretty soon, and already have some limbs down.

I did not have a new Work-in-Progress yesterday for my usual Wednesday post. But here is the back of The Green Man quilt with the label I made prior to sending it off to Innovations. I fused some leaves from a commercial print fabric to form a border around the computer-printed label. I wanted the quotation on the back to explain the text that I quilted into the piece. You can see the quilting much better on this light-colored hand-dyed back fabric. Look how many times I changed threads- that is MOST unusual for me!

Actually, my Wednesday Work-in-Progress was the new kitchen floor. The tile is now installed, and it looks GREAT! Needs to be washed again today, but after I do that, I will post a picture. I have to seal the grout on Friday or Saturday. The wood floors will be installed in the other areas downstairs starting on Monday. Lots going on!

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Stephanie D said...

Well, we were set to vacation for a few days in Myrtle Beach, but the lack of gas in this part of the state has squelched that. Now, seeing that map makes me think it was just meant for me to stay home and sew!

Creative label--I like that! Why shouldn't the labels be works of art, too?