Friday, February 22, 2008

Last Day Off

Today is my last day before reporting back to the world of employment as an elementary school teacher. Monday I have Orientation, and then I finally go to my school on Tuesday. I guess I am ready! I have been trying to get my ducks in a row. My Bernina and Featherweight are both being serviced, my watch is repaired, my car is inspected, my teeth have been cleaned, my hair is cut, so let's go to work!

Saturday I went to a planning meeting for my 40th high school reunion. I went to Cary High School in North Carolina, which is in the same county where I now live. The reunion planning committee has been meeting monthly in Cary. It was so fun to see classmates together again! These planning lunches are very popular- people drove in from as far as Maryland and Asheville, NC. I hope to be able to attend all of the lunches. In the photo I am sandwiched between uber-slim Carol and not-so-slim Wilbert, who was one of the most interesting and humorous lunch attendees. I don't even remember him from high school, but we had a great conversation at lunch!

My new book arrived this week- what an array of inspirational quilts derived from photographs!

Wendy Butler Berns is a talented art quilter. Her method is to enlarge a photo, trace it to make a line drawing, enlarge it to make a master pattern, and make freezer paper templates from it. The freezer paper templates are used to iron on to fabrics. She uses the gluestick technique to turn under the edges. This whole technique is similar to the Sharon Malec patterns I have used for Change of Season and Golden Memories. She has lots of gorgeous quilts for inspiration, as well as some project quilts to make for practice.

This technique works well, but has the disadvantage that the freezer paper is on top of the applique pieces, and you can't see how your fabric looks unless you remove the paper. She offers some suggestions on how to preview your pieces. Great book!

Change of Season

Golden Memories

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