Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Mini-Moos

I recently received a new order of Mini-Moo business cards. The first set had only one quilt image, the "Something Girly" pink one shown here at upper left. This time I got an assortment, each with a slice of a quilt I have made. I gave away all the first ones at the Piedmont Quilters' Guild meeting in January when I was the guest speaker.For the last couple of days, I have done something a little different. I got out my "Little Sprouts" pattern and have been making a romper for granddaughter Lily. I have not done much garment sewing in years, and it is really fun to make something with an actual possibility of being completed in a few days. I am using flannels: blue and green plaid for the pants, teals for the bodice and ankle cuff, red for the strawberries and lining. It is SO cute! But, today it did not feel like flannel was the right fabric. It got so warm outside-a spring teaser. I cannot believe we were dealing with ice last weekend! I spent some time outside, planting some perennial flowers, pulling up a few weeds, even GASP cleaned the green mossy gunk out of the newspaper box out by the mailbox. Then I just had to sit on the deck and enjoy!


Miranda said...

Can't wait to see!! How sweet. I need to get down my machine the weekend if I get some free time and fiddle a bit. Missing you & lots of love, Miranda

Sonya said...

That pattern is so much fun. I made matching overalls for my boys from it when the youngest was 9 months old and my oldest 2-1/2. I still have the overalls and they hang in my sewing area. As a teen and almost teen they wouldn't be caught in something like that now. Enjoy the cute outfits while they are young!